Love & Vodka a book of poetry for glass hearts

Love & Vodka

a book of poetry for glass hearts

By Christina Strigas

172 pages


Canada Cataloging in Publishing Data

ISBN: 978-0-99518653-8

Ms. Christina Strigas dedicates this book Love & Vodka to all people who believe with their hearts and to angels in her daycare that showed her the true meaning of a miracle. Poetry, to me the reader, is an art form that produces emotion and stirs the pot of imagination, and I thought it was poignant to mention that here.

Contained within this book are 88 total poems set up in “chapter style” parts with beautiful and intriguing heading titles like:

“I loved you for a thousand years and missed you in all of them”

and now I want to keep turning the pages.

As a reader and a writer myself I am feeling the angst of this prolific poetry writer, as she explores with us the soft and the hard edges of life.

Examples start off with page 7 & 8 entitled I Want You Mamma, here Ms. Strigas writes,

…All I can think of is how your little hands were as tiny as pebbles are to mountains.

And now my heart tugs.

In Part 2

I feel the poetess reaches in and pull out her soul; in doing this she writes her truth like this on page 35 entitled You Sense My Storm

…you sense my storm and lock down your windows tight

but I am already inside

~you carry me.

There is a poetic storm brewing and no matter what, Ms. Strigas wants you to experience her thunder. The reader heads into the storm.

Part 3 Modern Love

For the lover of poetry and the writer in all of us, often times our words go into the universe never ever being heard, Ms. Strigas dictates on page 57 & 58 in the poem  The Wind is the Sign That Hope is Alive

…no one heard her cries

except the


…till finally she saw the


…but also full of


…and finally he saw me


This poem was a clever poem that even a loved one close to her recognizes her as a writer and poet.

Part 4 Talk Dirty To Me, in this chapter Christina gives us a bit of the heat of her relationships and realism that is spicy and filled with word-gasms not suitable for work but in the piece that inspires the title of this book

page 79 Love & Vodka

… I drank all of you

and wanted more…

We thirst at this point for more of our own relationships with love and sex. We, as readers can relate to having deep feelings for someone still knowing

…the cigarettes destroyed me

but your love

it fucking created me.

This brings us to Part 5 Tug Of War, in this chapter the poet explores the waning of relationships with self and others and the lonely conversations fighting in and out of our own private wars deep within us.

The Appointment on pages 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89 Ms. Strigas blows me away. Here her focus is on the ever changing female spirit that adapts as our bodies change and we bear witness to her struggles as we relate to it.

on page 85she writes:

…I am checking my uterus

for any sign of death

paying for pap smears

without blinking an eyelash.

And she continues with the strength of all women on page 86 with,

…I have the eye of the tiger

in my deep jean pocket.

She then pulls harder at our emotional selves on page 87 by creating a true and visual picture with,

…and my open-stretched legs

baring all

and the child-bearing years

slowly dissipating…

Ms. Strigas sums up the female population in more than one way. We continue to feel the author’s growth and maternal instinctual poetry peeping through the layers as life advances.  She continues to keep me turning the pages for the next leg of the journey to bring me to Part 6 See You Anon, for this final part of the Love & Vodka travels, we end out with many “stand out” poems. On pages 156 & 157 Christina thwarts us to Broken Glass; it offers reflection and memory survival. We’re all skilled at this, especially when we’re all shattered.

Broken Glass

…I drink and then it comes back

and cuts me up

inside with its sharp double edges.

The sharp edges that life provides us with and what we choose to explore or ignore.

Ms. Strigas lives her truths and presents her third poetry book. She has the gift of capturing her voice so that the reader not only hears it, but feels it as well. I’m glad she’ll continue to delve deeply into her soul while as she puts it “words pass through me and I try to grasp them all.”

Ms. Strigas writes novels and poetry. She currently lives in Montreal with her two children and her husband. Her other poetry book titles are, Your Ink On My Soul and In My Own Flood, and her novel titles are Crush: A Paranormal Romance Novel, Althia’s Awakening, Althia’s Calling and Althia’s Journey.

She can be found at      email    website and blog

@christinastriga               Twitter

christinastrigasauthor       Facebook

@c.strigas_sexyasspoet    Instagram

on Amazon to purchase.

*This book was given to me for a real and true review.


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